Evening Star

My embroidered necklace is inspired from the poem "The Evening Star" by Mihai Eminescu. This love poem tells the story of a beautiful princess who prays each night to the Evening Star for him to come down from the sky and become her lover: "She speaks with him in sleep and sighs/ While her heart's swelled veins drum:/ - O sweet Lord of my fairy nights,/ Why comest thou not? Come!/ Descend to me, mild Evening-star/ Thou canst glide on a beam,/ Enter my dwelling and my mind/ And over my life gleam!" The Evening Star falls in love with the girl and is willing to give up his immortality, but he soon understands that a pure love of an immortal cannot ever be sustained in the mortal world: "But he falls not as he did once/ From his height into swells:/ - What matters thee, clod of dust, if /'Tis me or some one else?/ You live in your sphere's narrowness/ And luck rules over you/ But in my steady world I feel/ Eternal, cold and true!"
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