For my creation I was inspired by the dolphin constellation called Delphinus. It is a small northern constellation, very close to the celestial equator. The constellation owes its name to the particular configuration created by a group of stars of fourth magnitude, that happily recalls the shape of a dolphin in the phase jump. Despite its small size the Dolphin is easily recognizable, thanks to the fact that its stars are very close to one another; Furthermore there are about ten degrees to the northeast of the bright star Altair. One legend recounts that Poseidon, god of the sea, he was tired of his condition of life lonely and thought to look for his wife. He was enchanted by the beautiful Amphitrite, sea nymph, one of the Nereids, which however does not seem at all interested in the courtship. So it was that Neptune sought help from a dolphin, who succeeded with his plan to persuade the nymph. Out of gratitude, Neptune set in the sky in the form of the dolphin constellation. Materials: Needle size 10 John James Nylon 0.20 mm Toho seed beads metallic hematite 6/0, 8/0 11/0 15/0 Toho 8/0 : transparent rainbow foxglove ; ceylon gladiola; metallic amethyst gunmetal; higher metallic purple green iris; metallic rainbow iris; higher metallic iris olivine Swarovski crystals; bicones 3mm, 4mm and chaton 6 mm, 8mm Twin seed beads 0121-2725 Mini gouttes Miyuki DP-001 3,4 mm
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