Cassiopeia is a tragically beautiful tale from old greece. The Kingdom of Aethiopia was being ruled by the mighty King Cepheus and his beautiful but vain Wife called Cassiopeia. One day Cassiopeia bragged that she and her beloved Daughter Andromeda were more beautiful then all the Nereids, daughters oft he Sea god Nereus. This angered Poseidon, who wanted to destroy their Kingdom. Wanting to save their Kingdom, theiy asked an Oracle, who told them that only sacrificing their daughter Andromeda would save the Kingdom. As such, they chained her onto an Rock at the sea’s edge, where she was tob e devoured by the Sea monster Cetus. But she was saved by the hero Perseus, who killed Cetus and later became her Husband. But Poseidon thought that she should not escape punishment, so he chained Cassiopeia to a Throne in the heaven. And as such, you can see the beautiful constellation Cassiopeia at night.
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