The Capricorn Constallation

The twelvw stars of my beads necklace represent exactly the perfect position of the Capricorn Constellation. Their position represent their natural place in the firmament. It's brilliant track recalls the delicate road from which normally an angel appears. An angel that once before was there next to me as my guide and teaching me all about the art of assembling the beads,now he has gone away,not to abandon me,but only because a bad decease is present;i know she is fighting to overcome and destroy that decease,it will take sometime,but i am sure he will succeed and at the end he will come out victoriously because Angels are supreme. For build my necklace i used more technical like, herringbone, peyote and circular peyote,craw, embroidery,tubular crochet. I used toho rocailles 11/0 and 15/0, mini bugle toho 3mm, rivoli swarovski, shibori silk, paillettes, glass beads,drop and delica beads
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