Star Capella My name is Rita, I’m beading for several years, mostly, people know me as an embroidery beader, but of course I know also other techniques. I participate in several contests, most popular is the Battle in America. The necklace I made is actually based on a recent story. About a big month ago, at evening, I couldn’t sleep, I was watching the starry sky with my binocular. I saw many stars of course but I discovered something I couldn’t tell what it was. I saw something very sparkling in colours of blue, red, white, some green, and it was glittering. First I thought it should be an Heli checking the traffic, but when I discovered it the next days again, i knew, this is something different. So I sent a mail to Belgian Observatory and the answer was surprising. According to them, I was so lucky to see the star Capella, you can’t see her often, it’s is the brightest star in the constellation of Auriga. Finally, they gave me some more explanation about this star because it intrigued me. So after this story, I knew immediately the name for my work : Star “Capella”. The necklace is half embroidery, half netting. Somewhere in this galaxy is the star Capella, may she shine bright
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